Are Water Damage Restoration Leads Worth the Money?

Sick of paying $200-500 for Exclusive Water Damage Restoration Leads?

Shana Randell

Let us help you build your OWN Lead Gen program that you actually OWN.

About us:

  • Water Damage Specialists for over a decade.
  • We Never charge you $100’s of dollars per lead.
  • We don’t take a  percentage of $$$ from your jobs.
  • 1 call can pay for an entire year of us.
  • We have the most stable, long-lasting program out there.
  • There is no “downtime” or learning curves with us, we know it already.

Water Damage Lead Generation

How do the Lead Gen companies actually produce those Water Damage Restoration Leads they’re selling you?

Simple, through Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads they create for you and then send you the calls.  But buying Leads has gotten ridiculous. You have plumbers in all corners of America charging more and more to refer you the restoration leads. We’ve even heard as much as $1250 per lead in CA! Maybe you sometimes feel like you’re being held hostage by them? Some of the lead generation companies are getting really greedy and request you buy leads for more and more per lead, because they know you’ll pay and won’t receive the call without them. We’ve even heard stories of lead-gen companies trying to get into your billing and take that over so that they can charge UPWARDS of 40% of the leads gross revenue!

Look, lead-gen guys are valuable. That’s the truth. But should it be your only source of restoration business coming from the internet? Absolutely not. You need help to develop your own online water damage lead generation strategy. You own it. It’s yours forever. You pay nothing for your water damage leads. Why buy water damage restoration leads when you can create your own? You only pay a monthly fee for our services. Whether you make $3000.00 on a call or $25,000 on a call, we receive the same monthly credit fee. The ROI is a piece of cake. We’ve had a lot of our service clients for almost ten years, why do you think that is?

We’re Your New Yellow Pages.

The Yellow Pages are pretty much dead – but the leads are still out there looking for you when they flood and have water damage. Now you’re paying hundreds of dollars per water mitigation restoration leads, or paying plumbers referral fees or even paying 20-40% per job that comes from a water damage lead generation source!

We won’t take a percentage of your restoration job. We won’t be involved in your bidding process, billing, etc. We get you water damage leads by phone, the rest is up to you. Some restoration lead companies may want a percentage of your profits and even want to manage the billing for you. We feel this goes too far and is your business, so we stay out of it and stick to the leads service.

From Our Clients

Great company. Specialist in Restoration Marketing. Everything they ever promised has happened. It is a process. They are a part of our team and we trust their input. Always have time for us. We are getting calls while ads are not running. Could not say enough great things about them.”

Deborah A.


These guys are the best. I got sweet talked into leaving them a few years ago – biggest mistake EVER! My rankings (and the phone calls) plunged from near the top of page 1 in most catagories to pages 2 and 3. I came back to Stellar like the Prodigal Son, and within 4 to 6 months they had me back on top again, and keep fine tuning to help me get water damage leads from areas I hadn’t even explored before. I will NEVER leave these guys again. They are the only ones I found who really get the water damage restoration business.”

David S.


What’s your Water Damage Restoration Lead Generation ROI?

Sometimes it only takes one good lead to pay for a whole year of our service, we hear it every week.  Considering the average residential water damage restoration lead can be $2500-3000.00,  we all agree it’s easy to see the ROI.

They are your water damage leads.

Remember, we won’t take a percentage of your job. We’re service providers. We provide this very specialized marketing program to you. We don’t get involved in bidding, billing, restoration, etc. We do our job, the rest is up to you. They are your leads, your jobs.

Do your research. Call other lead companies, then call us last, and you’ll see we’re one of a handful of restoration lead companies that actually know this industry and have water damage leads that are worthwhile for you. So when you’re figuring out how to get more water damage jobs,  we’d love to work with you.