Still Paying Per Call? Get Your Own Water Damage Leads


  • One easy, flat and predictable monthly fee
  • You OWN it
  • 1 call can pay for an entire year
  • We KNOW what gets you CALLS
  • Disaster Restoration specialists for over 15 Years

Get Water Damage Leads That You Actually Own

Are you sick of paying upwards of $500 per phone call? Why aren’t you generating your own leads? If you’re thinking short-term and paying per phone call for your leads, this is the business equivalent of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. 

What If It’s a Bad Lead?

Who cares? You’re not paying per lead. No more hassle customer service calls. Just hang up. In the busy season you can cherry pick the jobs and in the winter months you can take whatever leads you want.

Other companies say they “specialize” in restoration…

We’ve been in this Industry for over almost 15 years.

Water Damage Leads

water damage leads

Easy, flat and predictable monthly pricing

No longer will you have to be surprised by your weekly lead bills, pay one low monthly fee and no matter how many calls you get, it’s still that one fair fee. Tire kicker? Bad lead? Who cares. You’re not paying per lead.

Unlimited Leads and still one cost.

Many restoration companies are paying about 20% of their gross revenue of their job because of the price of leads being so high. The return on investment of what we do gets crazy as you’re no longer paying 20% per lead.

water damage restoration leads

Consistent Leads throughout the Seasons

How do I get more phone calls for my restoration company?

The ups and downs of the seasons in the restoration business are always a problem, including when you’re buying leads. We know what to do to get you calls throughout the winter, and in every corner of the United States, no matter the precipitation levels or the geography.



water damage lead generation