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You need to capture the business when its there…and offset the slow seasons…we’re the solution.

We already know everything you need, so you won’t be paying someone to learn your business. Save the time and money. Call us.

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  • We’re real Specialists in Water Damage Leads
  • We have real industry knowledge 
  • We know how to market for Water Damage in every corner of North America – every difference in every area.
  • We never charge you hundreds of dollars per lead or take a percentage of $ from your jobs
  • Have an unheard of client retention rate. Why do you think that is? 
  • One call can pay for an entire year of our service 

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If you want more business during storm season and more calls in the slow seasons, call us. We get you where people look for you today – the internet.  When people have water damage  problems…they’re not going to spend a lot of time looking for you when their house is getting damaged. You need to be be found quickly and easily and you need to get them 5 seconds. We know how to get you in front of them, and we know what to say to make you to stand out amongst your competitors.

We’re the Nation’s leading Water Damage Marketing company for a reason.

Here’s what our clients have to say about our program:  


“the calls started coming in”

“I have nothing but glowing accolades to say about their outstanding more


“you cannot afford to NOT sign up with them”

“I could not recommend these guys enough and frankly, you cannot afford to NOT sign up with them, I now wish I would have signed up years ago”…read more


“it has already paid for itself”

“I have spent literally $15,000 on internet marketing which has been flushed down the drain!  I am very pleased with this, as this time it has already paid for itself within the first month”…read more


“we Cherry Picked the best jobs”

“We got 50 calls an hour for 4 days straight from you guys. Of course we couldn’t nor anyone else, could handle that. But we got enough calls to cherry pick the best jobs…read more


“you guys are like ninjas.”

“you guys are like ninjas. Jedi $%&ing ninjas…read more


So What are we Doing? 

The Yellow Pages are pretty much dead – but the business is still out there looking for you. 

We’re your new Yellow Pages. 

Now you’re paying hundreds of dollars per call, or paying plumbers referral fees or even paying 20-40% per job that comes from a water damage lead gen source!

We won’t take a percentage of your job. We won’t get involved in your bidding process, billing, etc. We get you phone calls, the rest is up to you. Some lead gen companies may want a percentage of your profits and even want to manage the billing for you. We feel this goes too far and is your business, so we stay out of it.


We’ve got the “Magic Formula.”

You know that “magic formula” they use?  We’ve got it, and we’re the best in the business. 

As a matter of fact, we’re the #1 leader in Water Damage Restoration Marketing. No one knows it better than us.  We take lead generation technology, improve it, personalize it and generate the leads, but with one major difference – They don’t cost you a thing. You do not pay per call. They are YOUR water damage leads

All you do is pay for the monthly service. We almost never lose a client and that’s why.  We are the new Yellow Pages for you. They died years ago. You’re going to have to do it, so you might as well use the best in the business – us.  Also, any smart business owner knows they need to have multiple marketing programs going at all times, not just water damage leads, to have a profitable company.

Our Water Damage Leads ROI:

Sometimes it only takes one good job to pay for a whole year of our service, we hear it every week.  Considering the average residential water damage restoration job can be $2500-3000.00, its easy to see the ROI.

They are  your jobs.

We won’t take a percentage of your job. We’re service providers. We provide this very specialized marketing program to you. We don’t get involved in bidding, billing, etc. We do our job, the rest is up to you. They are your leads, your jobs.

Do your research. Call other companies. Then call us last, and you’ll see we’re one of a handful of companies that actually know this industry and have water damage leads that are worthwhile for you.


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