Should I Have Multiple Websites for my Water Damage Company?

Category: Articles • April 26, 2023

Should I Have Multiple Websites for my Water Damage Company?


This is a question we get weekly. In short, no, this is a terrible idea. I can tell you horror story after horror story about doing this.  You’ll want to read this entire article for sure.


But you say, “But I see Joe Schmo’s Water Damage Company has 10 websites??!!  And he is getting business.” Oh really? Is he really? I know the inside story. Remember, we get to talk to all of the Water Damage companies from around the U.S., every one of them.  Later in this article, I’ll tell you exactly how it rolls out for Good Ole Joe.


But first listen, Joe is scamming the system, those techniques will always catch up with you.  This is the same in any business. Take a shortcut and it will ALWAYS catch up with you.  Think about the guys who do that in the reconstruction business in Water Damage, they are the ones who get the callbacks to fix the jobs…again! The result: wasted time, money, resources and you’ll have a huge, huge set back when it all catches up with you, which it most certainly will.


I run into these guys all the time – they think they are so smart and they are going to create 10 different websites for 1 Water Damage Company in one city.  They “swear” by it.  It might work…for a while.  Then, one day, Google (inevitably) catches up with what they are doing, crashes their websites and all of their calls stop coming in.  They’ve been blacklisted by Google.  Then they call us to see if we can fix it.  They call us and say, “just pick a website and get my rankings up, I have like 10”.  And therein lies the problem.  With This type of marketing, you have to have a plan, a strategy, gain trust,  persist, do things correctly, otherwise, it will all come crashing down, just as it does in this example.  All of your money is now wasted, your effort and time wasted.  Sometimes when this happens to your website it is easier and cheaper to just start a new, fresh website. My team and I often imagine what would happen if we crashed our clients websites the way that they do doing this type of strategy. They would kill us! Spending all of that money year after year only to end up with a program that has disappeared! Crazy!


Anyways, Google is not stupid. They have some of the smartest computer engineers in the world working for them. Do you really think you’re going to beat Google at their own Game?  Go back and look at the Google Panda and Penguin Releases and how many websites virtually disappeared overnight. Those guys were scamming the system. It caught up with them. Almost all of our clients made it through those major changes without injury to their marketing programs.


Stop trying to find cheap, dumb shortcuts to winning at water damage restoration marketing.  Is there any shortcut to having a good marriage?  How about cheap shortcuts to creating a successful business? And it goes the same with your marketing.   Use a scammy shortcut and it will catch up with you and you will lose income, time and effort and have to start over. I promise.



Dan York