How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews?

Category: Articles • October 24, 2022

How to Recover from Bad Google Reviews?


If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know this fact:

You could have 100 happy clients and 1 bad one, but that bad one is the one who will go and spread bad reviews all over the internet about you while the good ones don’t do anything.

The internet has changed the ease at which this can happen. Companies & websites like the BBB, Yelp and Google Reviews have really led this. Unfortunately, these sites have been heavily used to spread around bad reviews.


Ok, so how do we handle it?

1. Most of these website now have recourse to handle bad reviews. That should be the 1st thing you do. Get them removed if possible. Red flag them if needed. Or you could actually ask the person to remove it…if they are willing.

2.  Build up your positive reviews. You must take control over your online reviews. Get your clients to go to Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. and write positive reviews. Most people want to help and will do so when asked, but you have to ask.  It will not happen on its own. I’ve sent emails to my clients asking them to do it, I’ve called them, however you do it, you must ask.

Then, when you have 30 positive reviews from great clients and 1 bad review from that “one guy who was impossible to make happy no matter what you did”, everyone will read your reviews and think, “That’s one of those guys who just isn’t happy about anything.”  People aren’t stupid. They know those people exist too. 


Important: Absolutely DO NOT get into an “internet war” with the person writing bad reviews by writing bad reviews about them. You will lose that game and it is a total waste of any of your time marketing for your water damage company. If you ever do need to sue them you will lose the case due to the fact that you spread around bad things about them too and it will be thrown out. There are already cases in court where this has happened. Take the high road, the professional road. Your time is better spent on getting positive reviews, getting more good business.



Dan York, Founder