How to Make Your Restoration Company Recession-Proof

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How to Make Your Restoration Company Recession-Proof


Dan York discusses how to survive through this next recession and even how to emerge as a market leader after it passes. Watch it on video or read the transcription below.


What is the First Thing I Should Do in the Upcoming Recession with your Water Damage Restoration Company?

Well first, your initial gut reaction to that is the pull back or scale back. The problem is is that you’re going to have less business spread amongst the same amount of contractors so scaling back is not really going to work when it comes to your marketing.


How much should I be marketing in the upcoming recession?

You’ve heard Grant Cardone say, “You have do to 10X more.” – 10X more time and effort and 10X more marketing than you thought you needed, he’s totally right. And you have to be a bit of a contrarian too- do the opposite of the herd – thinking an opposites. So a recession kicks in and things become more and more expensive and people are spending less.  This should not be the case with your company’s front end, you actually have to spread out your marketing footprint. It has to spread out more to get the most of the smaller amount of business going out to the same numbers of contractors.


Is there a Light at the End of The Tunnel for This Recession?

Yes, the good news is when the recession finally settles down and things start to become normal again, then you’ll own more of the market and you’ll be set up as a market leader. That’s exactly what we saw when we took people through the recession from 2008 all the way through 2014. Our clients kept spreading out, they ended up becoming market leaders in their territory. We saw the same thing when we were helping people through Covid. A lot of these guys were scaling back and getting smaller, but the smart ones spread out and not only survived, but become market leaders where others fell down.

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