How to Lead your area in Water Damage Restoration, not be a competitor

Category: Articles • May 22, 2022

Tired of competing? Want to dominate? Then listen up.

I get calls every week from guys that all they talk about is their competitors and what they are doing. The funny thing is that they are usually paying attention to some mid-level company and competing with them. They’re not even someone really worth paying attention to.

As I’ve said before, I’ve talked with hundreds of companies in this industry from across the US and Canada and Europe. I know who the market dominators are (my clients!).

Here’s some tips on how to dominate your market:


  • Stop comparing your self to mediocre companies. Change your mindset and raise your goals and look at the biggest companies in your area – the ones who are really winning and making money. The ones you see everywhere.
  • Quit getting all worked up looking at “that other guy’s website.” Who cares, unless of course he is the market leader, then you can look away!
  • Stop doing things “your friend” says work in another state or country. In this business, you have to market this differently in every region of the country, especially on the internet.
  • Go logically where the demographics are for the business: The elderly, put a nice ad in the phonebook (they’re cheap now!), 20’s through the 60 year olds – Google/the internet – use us, referrals – network the insurance companies, plumbers and property mgmt groups, etc.
  • If you’re not a big franchise, don’t try to be. Carve out your niche of  “the local  company”, people still love that and some market leaders do better than the franchises doing just that.  Stick a nice big picture of your wife and kids on your website while you’re at it.
  • Above all, don’t be a burn and churn operation. Too many people, especially the newcomers, are too short sighted in this business. Do a great job, treat your customers with respect, help them do the insurance filing, etc. That’s the real stuff that will grow you stably. Plus those are the people who write a testimonial for you on your website or Google Maps and remember that 97% of internet users will check you out online prior to ever calling you. If you have 0 history of testimonials or ratings online, or worse, bad reviews, that will kill your call volume.

One other point to remember to dominate a market. We frequently see people doing things recommended by what we call “A Maven”. A Maven is a so-called “expert.” He’s the guy who gives his “expert” advice to you about what you should do. I learned this word in the car business growing up.  He is the guy who goes along with his girlfriend’s friend to go car shopping and is the “expert” and “helps” her get a good deal on the car (or blows the deal altogether). Forget these Mavens or “experts”. Stop listening and only look, talk is cheap. Getting advice on what “works”? Does it? I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen the Maven give their “expert” advice only to make their “friend” less money as a result. Work with real professionals, ones that do  it for a living. The ones that are big and winning. Get advice from mediocrity, get mediocrity. Get advice from a small-timer, become small time. You won’t see me doing my own taxes, I hire great accountants for that. I don’t get Maven advice on my taxes, and you shouldn’t on getting your water damage leads.

Here’s to your success and market domination!


Dan York, Founder