Should I get a New Website for my Water Damage Restoration company?

Category: Articles • March 9, 2022

Should I get a New Website for my Water Damage Restoration company?


When and why should you update your website?

It has to get done, yes. But when? How? How often? Why? Once a year? When your web guy says,”I don’t like it?” When I feel like I’m bored with it as a biz owner?

Nope, none of those.

The answer is simple – when it stops working. 

Now you have to be careful with that, though, because there are two primary reasons that your website will not generate business that you need to consider first:

1.) You are not ranking in Google, etc. At which point you need to make it rank high in Google before deciding to change your website, because no one is ever getting to your website in the first place to know whether it works or not,


2.) Your website is turning away people. NEVER assume you know how to design a website for your clients. The BEST marketing people I know, including myself, are always surprised to see what actually works. We’re always surprised at some point, even after 20+ years of doing it. We never assume. So you definitely shouldn’t either.

Now some web designers will argue, “there’s so much more than those two points above!” and they are right, there are a lot of different aspects, however, they all can be aligned to those two points.

So, if you are ranking well in Google, etc. and you STILL aren’t getting business or calls, now would be the time to discuss the design, etc. But if it is actually working…leave it alone to some degree. No one kills a successful marketing program more than what us in our company like to call “tinkerers.” They tinker and tinker, always changing something, why? Who knows, maybe they just feel like it. More successful web programs are killed by tinkerers and their whims than I would care to mention. Try not to get into that habit. If you did have something successful going on that was developing the business, and you are a sloppy tinkerer, you’ll lose what worked, not remember it, and then get lost in the many changes you’re making.  Then you won’t know what did what anymore.

Now, websites are not some kids’ art projects, they are business development tools.  This is YOUR business’s tool to get in new clients in the modern day. Your website should not be designed by, or be the brain child of an out-of-touch person who “thinks” he knows your business, or some kid straight out of college who thinks he knows how to develop business. These should be strategically and somewhat scientifically approached by someone in your niche who knows your business. Lots of income gets left on the table by using out of touch people who do not understand the niche market you exist in.


So remember, if it is working, try and let it work. If there are any tweaks you make, catalogue them, when and why you made them so you can reverse it when your calls drop off.

And don’t “tinker”… 🙂


Sincerely, Dan York