Restoration Franchise SEO


  • We KNOW what gets your Franchisees CALLS
  • No complicated reports Franchisees won’t read
  • Predictable Scalability and Pricing
  • Disaster Restoration specialists for over a nearly 15 years
  • Completely US Based



Tired of “Franchise Marketing Specialists” who Don’t know Restoration?

We’ve seen them all, the Franchise SEO programs that wouldn’t convert a phone call to the franchisee from the website if its life depended on it.

Why? Because they don’t know the industry. They don’t know it’s nature, how fickle it is, how quickly the buyer converts or doesn’t convert and their targeted strategies target things that may drive traffic, but would never convert to a phone call. Only calls matter to us, not traffic. The same as matters to your franchisees.

90% of Your Franchise’s Calls from Google should be coming from…

Google’s Maps and The Natural (Organic) listings. That’s the modern day phonebook. But most franchise marketing groups have you convinced that you just need to keep spending more on Google’s Ads. But ask yourself, “How often do I click on those ads? “The answer is the same for everybody else. We find that only 9 out of 10 people click on ads which means that 90% of your franchisee’s calls should be coming from Google maps and Google natural results.

Other companies say they “specialize” in restoration…

We’ve been in this Industry for over almost 15 years.

franchise seo for Restoration companies

Easy, flat and predictable monthly pricing

Variable costs are hards to track and even more upsetting when they don’t produce the required results. Our pricing system is inexpensive, scalable and very predictable. Easy to start, easy to add on to.

We take away the headaches. 

From having to re-do your SEO strategy every 2-3 years, from fielding upset phone calls from franchisees complaining about “what they’re spending their royalty fees on”,  we know the routine, and we can help you produce an actual ROI producing program that will not only benefit the power and stability of your brand digitally, but actually produce the required results that you are looking for. Calls and real Expansion.

water damage restoration leads

No More Confusing Reports

Your Reports are TOO complicated

Most marketing companies wow you with what we call “vanity metrics” that really don’t mean anything. While those “rising metrics” such as traffic may be rising, your franchisees are still complaining of “no phone calls.”

In some cases, when we’ve taken over a program, the traffic will decrease, possibly hundreds of percent, but up come the phone calls!


No more confusing reports, no more fluff. Simple confront-able, understandable metrics that even your franchisee will understand.



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