Fast-Change SEO – How to Destroy Your Google Rankings in No time Flat

Category: Articles • October 24, 2022

Fast-change SEO, or more aptly stated –  How to Destroy Your Google Rankings in No time Flat.

SEO is like steering a cruise ship, not a race car. 

That single statement above has destroyed more SEO programs than I can even remember.

We live in a fast-paced society, the right-now world. I get it, I’m part of it, I want it now, too. However, not everything succumbs to that statement. In fact, operating some things like that will be absolutely destructive to its growth and prosperity. Force a baby to walk before it is ready, go too fast in a relationship with a man or woman, do too much too fast in a work out, all completely destructive. Your SEO results are similar.


So how does this work out in real life, and how can you avoid this destruction and complete and utter waste of your marketing budget?

  1. Listen to and trust your SEO company. You didn’t hire them to tell them what to do, you hired them to do what they are pros at. And if they are “yes” men, you need to fire them and hire someone that knows how to say no to you, and consult on the PROPER course of action. And sometimes what you want is not the right course of action. They will also advise you on how long it takes SEO to work.
  2. Stop changing your website and/or online strategy weekly. This is so destructive I won’t even list the number of ways. As it was mentioned in the top of this article, SEO is like steering a cruise ship, not a race car. Plans have to be made well in advance.  Strategies have to be done way in advance, and stuck to. Once you plot the course, you’re on it. You cannot continually change it quickly and think that you will arrive at your destination a winner.
  3. Know your stuff.  Your ignorance will hurt you. Your marketing budget will get wasted. People will take advantage of you. Beware of the get-rich-quick concepts and service companies. If anything sounds too good to be true, it is. If you hear of the water damage SEO equivalent to anything remotely “get-rich-quick” you should be very, very suspect, or even just skip it. If you think that the guy you’re talking to with the AMAZING new software or concept that will “trick” Google or anything like that, you’re fooling yourself. Google has the top engineers on the planet working with them. If they haven’t figured it out, they will, but most likely they are miles ahead of any “trick” “get-rich-quick” SEO guy or software program. I wish I could tell you the amount of money wasted in company’s marketing budgets by listening to these guys, but let’s just say its astronomical. Simply put, just know your shit. So then no one can take advantage of you and waste your money.


Dan York, Founder