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  • Are you right for our company? Are we right for you?

    Category: Articles • April 16, 2017

    How do you know if we are right for your company? We claim to be one of the first, most experienced and effective online water damage marketing companies in the world right? Does that mean we are right for you? Maybe not. Sometimes we straight-up…


  • How to Hire the Right Marketing Person to Expand Your Water Damage Company

    Category: Articles • April 11, 2017

      Would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising and then hire a rude receptionist who treats those customers who respond like crap? Of course you wouldn’t. It’s a waste of money.  So, why would you hire the wrong type of marketing person?…


  • Too busy to market right now?

    Category: Articles • February 9, 2017

    “I’m too busy to market right now, I have too many calls coming in as it is.”   We’re one of the oldest water damage internet marketing companies out there, we have more experience than anyone. This gives us the insight into what Water Damage…


  • What works better for getting business? Ads or the Natural results?

    Category: Articles • January 31, 2017

    It is very different driving calls into your company today than it was in 1995, or even 2008 for that matter. As we all know, practically no one uses the phone books anymore. Two of the largest forms of internet marketing these days use either…


  • Water Damage Leads – Short-term or Long-term ones?

    Category: Articles • January 20, 2017

    Should you buy short-term-pay-per lead water damage leads?  Or build your own long-term lead program? Answer: Both There’s the old “give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime saying”, this is the way…


  • When should I get a new website for my water damage company?

    Category: Articles • January 9, 2017

    When and why should you update your website? It has to get done, yes. But when? How? How often? Why? Once a year? When your web guy says,”I don’t like it?” When I feel like I’m bored with it as a biz owner? Nope, none of…


  • How long should I continue a marketing method to find out if works for phone calls?

    Category: Articles • December 9, 2016

    With so many forms of marketing, particularly on the internet, the question arises frequently, “How long should I do something to see whether or not it works?” This is a multi- faceted question though and cannot be answered with just one answer. You have to…


  • Want to get a highest-ever Income year in your Water Damage company?

    Category: Articles • October 20, 2016

    As I’ve said before, I get to personally speak with water damage companies all over, every week, and from all different corners of this continent. And for some companies, this last year was one of their best years ever. But for some, not so great….


  • More Google Updates! What Happens to Your Website – What Do We Do About It?

    Category: Articles • October 4, 2016

    Ok, so Google has announced another set of “changes”.  So what does this mean and how does it affect your company, your website, and your phone call volume coming from the internet? And more importantly, how do we as an internet marketing company fit into…


  • What NOT to do When Finances Get Tough in your Company….

    Category: Articles • September 27, 2016

    What NOT to do When Finances Get Tough in your Company…. This is a hot topic in any company. We, being a marketing company and having worked with hundreds of water damage restoration companies, have seen what we call the “kiss of death” when it…


  • What are the Big Water Damage Companies doing that you’re not?

    Category: Articles • August 22, 2016

      Specializing our work towards water damage restoration companies and literally working with hundreds upon hundreds of them, you start to notice what the big companies do to get and stay big and what the little companies do to keep themselves small.   I could…


  • Are all these new Google changes hurting your call volume?

    Category: Articles • July 18, 2016

    Are all these new Google changes hurting your call volume? Over the last few months we’ve seen some serious Google changes. Alarming ones as a matter of fact. What have they been? They got rid of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads on the right side of…