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Message from the Founder of Stellar-eMarketing

”I’ve been in the flooded basements & manholes, I’ve walked through the raw sewage.  I’ve been there. Add to that the fact that we’re internet marketing experts and real-world marketing experts.  Most internet marketers don’t know the 1st thing about the industry let alone real marketing basics. Nowhere else will you find all of this in one team.  

Why does that matter? Because we understand the customers, their behavior – when and why they’ll choose you over your competitor.  I don’t trust my marketing dollars with generalist marketing agencies, why would you?

 I always tell potential clients to call other companies first, or better yet, use them. Then come to us. You won’t need our sales pitch to tell the difference.”


Dan York

Founder, Stellar-eMarketing

Our Team

Dan York, Founder & CEO


Dan always makes things go right. He’s a serial entrepreneur, internet marketing expert, administrative & marketing consultant as well as a veteran public speaker. Originally from Chicago, IL, he now resides in Nashville, TN.



Carrie Overmyer, General Manager


Carrie keeps the show on the road. She has extensive experience in accounting and financial management, having worked side-by-side with Bledsoe & Sartoris as well as 13 years of various other accounting and financial management experiences prior to joining Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.  Carrie resides in Chicago, IL.

Shana Randell, Sales

Shana does what it takes to get the job done.  She is a sales & marketing veteran specializing in business development and client satisfaction.  Her experience includes being a client strategist, publicist, promoter and even a talent agent.  She lives in Clearwater, FL.



Brittany Caldwell, Director of Operations

headshot-BrittBrittany Caldwell is a marketing maven with years of experience in all things digital. While Brittany’s marketing campaigns have won countless awards, she’s especially proud of winning the DMO Grand Prize and Silver Winner Seal Awards at the NATJA Awards Competition. Through the course of her career, she has worked with clients such as Elvis Presley’s Graceland, and Loretta Lynn to name a few.  Brittany lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Dana Franks, Chief Client Strategist

DanaPicDana makes the magic happen. Dana has worked for media outlets for almost 20 years including Tribune Digital, Raycom TV, Capitol Broadcasting & McClatchy Publishing. Her background includes the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at UNC. She lives in Nashville.



Jason Hames, Jr Client Strategist

Jason is your local SEO strategist. He started his journey into technology working with payment processors to provide merchants with an easy way to connect with their customers online. He realized SEO and online visibility were the key ingredients to local business growth and quickly branched out into SEO. He resides in Chicago, IL.



  Steven Williams, SEO Project Manager

IMG_0010Steven is your friendly neighborhood SEO consultant. He started out in web development that eventually branched out into SEO & Marketing. Steven has worked with business owners all over the Clarksville/Nashville area and has made it his goal to make local businesses as visible as possible on the internet. He currently resides in Clarksville, TN.



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