Why Your New Website Will Have to Wait for Prime Spots in Google

Category: Articles • December 6, 2021

Why can it take longer to get ranked on the first page of Google if you have a brand-new website?

The timeline is dependent on a variety of factors, some that only Google knows, but the main one in this case being simply that Google doesn’t have enough information about your company to determine if you deserve those top-of-Page 1 prime spots.

Google’s main goal is to deliver the optimal user experience; if they don’t, people won’t use them and they lose money (and Google LOVES money). When a user types keywords into the Google search bar, Google has to be able to return the best answer to the user immediately to ensure that.

So ask yourself – why in the world would Google suddenly decide show your website to its users over trusted websites who have been doing online marketing for years? The answer is they won’t.

With a newer website, Google has no idea if you are trusted or not, so they have to be convinced you are, which doesn’t happen overnight.

Optimizing a website for search engines like Google is made up of two main parts: what is done on the the website and what is done off of the website.

Most newer companies have had little to no work done on their websites for search engines, and barely have a presence off of their site, such as links from other sites that go to it.

Good SEO companies work to get the website optimized quickly, and then begin to build a strong presence off the site in order to increase their trust with Google, which ultimately results in the website ranking higher for the product it offers.

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Brittany Caldwell
VP of Tech Ops & Client Relations
Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.