Is your website design driving your water damage calls away to your competitors?

Category: Articles • March 5, 2020

Is your website design driving your calls away to your competitors?

I’m in the business of getting new business for my clients, and there’s no way around this:  Either you can, or can’t, get them calls. With this as our job, every single thing must get scrutinized for either bringing in a client or turning them away…potentially to your competitor. 

Luckily, doing this every day, all day, every week and for 15+ years, you get pretty good at it.  You’d be shocked at the tiniest little things I’ve found that will drive away calls from your website.

As with anything, the only opinion that matters is the one that gets results. Not popular opinions or “my friend told me”, but actual RESULTS. 

So, the 1st thing you really need to know and understand in order to NOT turn away phone calls with your website is:

Your internet marketing must be viewed as a multi-leg relay-race.

If it isn’t, you’ll give up too early, skip one leg of the race and leave a lot of money on the table for someone else to come and grab. Every step of the race has to be completed successfully in order to get a phone call in. Persistent ones are the only winners here.

It looks like this:

Water Damage Emergency ==> Person goes to Google ==> Sees Google result they like (SEO) ==> Clicks on Website in Google ==> If they like what they see in the Website, Reviews, etc. ==> They Call.

Unless every single one of those legs works, they don’t call you.

Ok, I know this may look overly simplified, but that’s how it is. There’s a lot that goes into each step, each being as specialized as the next, but this is a  basic outline to think with.

So, knowing this, here’s some tips for your website that can drive away your calls to your competitors: 

  • If your website can’t be understood in 5 seconds, they’ll leave your website, they will not call you. No joke. People online “Browse” they do not read. Especially in an emergency.
  • If your rankings in Google are excellent from your SEO, but your website is bad for phone calls, don’t turn off your SEO, fix the website.  If you turn off your website’s SEO and then fix the site, you’ve just killed the earlier relay race leg and you have to fix it again (still no phone calls).
  • DO NOT change your website when you get bored of it or let a new marketing person change it because they think it’s a good idea. ONLY change it if it isn’t getting calls. If it’s working, leave it alone.
  • Look like your customer. Don’t design a $25,000 website showing mansions and looking like you cost a fortune when you’re located in middle-class, blue-collar suburbs. They won’t call you.
  • DO NOT put a giant image or image slider (multiple images) at the top of your web pages. I call those “phone call killers”.
  • Your website needs to be designed for mobile browsing as well. Upwards of 40% of your web traffic is coming from mobile devices. 
  • Do not change bunch of things on your website at once. Change one thing at a time. Then you’ll be able to find exactly what was killing your calls.  Otherwise you won’t know exactly what the problem was and may change something else that kills your phone calls, inadvertently.
  • Do not let internet marketing generalists work on your water damage site. This is a very specialized market and it is fickle and you’ll waste at least 3-6 months of your time and money on someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or “educating them” on your dime.
  • DO NOT “do what everyone else is doing out there”. Trust me. I’ve worked with hundred of water damage companies on this planet. Just because your competitors are doing it doesn’t mean it’s working unless you can prove it out. 

Remember, the internet audience is fast and impatient, especially our emergency industry. 

Persist through the really race cycle I showed you above.  Be expert at each step. Persist through each one. Don’t get lazy or sloppy.  I know how much money my clients make on this, when it works well.  It’s well worth your time and Gross Revenues to do so. 

If you need us, please contact us, we can help.


Dan York, Founder Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.