Are there Tricks or Software that outsmart Google?

Category: Articles • February 8, 2020

Well, are there Tricks or Software that outsmart Google?

Yes.  Sort of. 

Almost every year, some new guy or company comes around thinking they’re smarter than the world’s best & smartest Search Engine engineers at Google (they aren’t).  So they come up with some new trick, gimmick or software program to “outsmart” Google at their own game…they think.

Over here at Stellar, we’ve seen them all come and go:

  • Automatic content updaters/generators (which violate Google’s terms of service),
  • Landing page generators that generate thousands of landing pages at once,
  • Google “Search Boosts” that temporarily boost you by having a bunch of people from Bangladesh (or other country) fake searches to your company in Google,
  • Buying links to your website for fake “popularity”.
  • And many more.

The funny thing is that these things do work…for a little while.

But they all have the same thing in common – they’re all tricks & gimmicks.  And every year Google eliminates them.

Here is where every single Google trick/gimmick falls down:

When Google updates itself.  

Google is constantly trying to get rid of anything it deems “low quality” or “gaming the system.”  Recently, we saw a client of ours, who wanted to use one of these get-rich-quick-schemes (as we like to call them), to replace us.  It worked for about two months, that is, until the end of December 2019 when Google started doing some major updates.  All his rankings practically disappeared.  He has nothing in the top 3 of Google anymore and almost nothing on page 1.  Now, not only does he have to recover his rankings, at great expense, he may have to get rid of a Google penalty too.

Another client we had years ago went to company who’d built an SEO-software-program which auto-generated landing pages, sometimes thousands at once.   It worked, again, for a while. But then some of his landing pages disappeared.  Then more.  And then more, until after a while his whole site had almost disappeared and was penalized.  This company stopped selling this program about three years ago.  But every other year or so some new company comes out with the same thing, thinking they’re the first ones to think of it. Well, they aren’t.  And the results are the same – short term gains, long term (and expensive) losses.

We never use these tricks and gimmicks. Why not?

You have to ask yourself,  “Why would Stellar, one of the oldest, most experienced & technically advanced in the biz, not use any one of these tricks or gimmicks?” Clearly, we’ve been aware of them for at least a decade.

Here’s why:

We’re hired for one thing: Stable, long-term & market dominating results.

Tricks and gimmicks get you short-term, temporary gains and ultimately cost you more than you gain.

I’ll never tell anyone not to try anything new.  I always tell people the same thing, “Go ahead and try it.”  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I wish for all of you to enjoy great successes, and I only give out advice that would achieve that.


Dan York, Founder

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.