How to Track Where Your Clients Are Calling You From

Category: Articles • October 21, 2019

As with any business, you try and stay sharp about where you spend your ad dollars and stay ahead of the competition while not wasting money on the wrong new trends right? But the more technology shows up, the harder it gets to know where they found you. Was it on Angie’s List? Google Ads? Google Local? etc. But…if you don’t find this stuff out, you’re potentially throwing money away from your marketing budget.

Add this to the fact that your new customers calling you generally won’t answer a ton of questions about how they found you. They just want to get you to their house…ASAP. So this complicates things.


There isn’t a super simple way to do it.  We’ve seen amongst our hundreds and hundreds of Water Damage Clients across the US, that the cheapest and most reliable way is fortunately not that complicated and is reasonably reliable.  And it isn’t expensive call-tracking that messes with all of your phone numbers all over the place.

This is the fastest, easiest way we’ve seen to get the info you want:

You mainly want to see if it comes from one of three major places. 1.) Websites like Angie’s List, 2.) Google Natural Listings and Maps and 3.) Google Ads.

1. Websites like Angie’s list: 

Your phone person: Hello, how did you find us?

Customer: Oh, a website.

Your phone person: Which website?

Customer: BBB.

Your phone person: Thank You~ DONE

2. The “Internet”  which is the vague catch-all answer you’ll get most of the time. 

Your phone person: How did you find out about us?

Customer: The internet.

Your phone person: Oh, ok. Do you remember where?

Customer: It was Google.

Your phone person: Ok thanks! Was it an ad you clicked on?

Customer: No it wasn’t – DONE – you know from here it was some Google Natural or map listing. Both of which should be handled by the same company service (This is part of what we do).

3. Google Ads

Your phone person: How did you find out about us?

Customer: Oh, I Googled you.

Your phone person: Good, was it an Ad? Map Listing or Natural result you clicked on?

Customer: Oh, it was one of the Ads at the top. DONE – you know it was a Google advertisement now.

The above is all about the time and patience you’ll force your new customers to confront on a phone call when they are calling about an emergency service. Those questions above should take 10 seconds. It may lack “sophisticated” technology and may require your staff ask questions rather than just be order-takers, but your marketing dollars are at risk here.

You might be missing out on a good vacation because of marketing dollars that you shouldn’t be spending because you’re not paying attention to where your calls are coming from…

Know what’s working. To do anything less than that is just plain lazy.


Dan York