Why is generating new business online for your company so different than other trades?

Category: Articles • August 6, 2018

Why is generating new business online in this industry so different than the other trade industries?

Theres a million online marketers out there, from big agencies to your teenage nephew who now does it. But what’s it actually going to take to generate new business online in this industry compared to other ones? Why? Well, its actually only one answer. Emergencies. It’s the emergency nature of the business that makes it different from the other trades while generating business online. Even Mold Remediation is completely different even though it is we all consider it to be closely related.

You’ve got Roofers, HVAC guys, Electricians, etc. Every single one of these niches requires different sets of knowledge to know how to get that online business. Each website is slightly different, each message, slightly different.

Let’s look at it from the point of view of the customer. You’ve had a storm blow some things off of your roof. That’s an emergency, sort of. Do they freak out like when there is 4 feet of sewage left in their basement? Not really. Let’s even take HVAC –  the A/C goes out. Again, sort of an emergency and they don’t tend to wait on calling them either, depending on the weather. But do they treat it with the same freak-out level of attention as their entire kitchen hardwood floor being soaked and potentially buckling due to moisture forcing a huge replacement? Maybe.

Emergencies obviously change the way people react. They aren’t getting bids from three contractors. They want you there now. First one to the job typically gets it. This mentality extends all the way to the front-end of how your business gets noticed. If they want the first company that can get there to get there, they will probably choose one of the top companies they find in Google or if they’re still using it, their phone book (unlikely).  And if they are going to be quick to pick a company that shows up first, they’ll probably not want to read a ton of your website to know who to pick to come over to their home, right? And they don’t want to have to mess around doing a ton of research on whether you’re reputable or not either. Get the idea?

So what’s the lesson to be learned here? If you own a Restoration company, make everything fast to comprehend – visually & content-wise, everything. Show up first. Make everything read fast, talk fast. Get there fast. You all know this already, I know. 😉


Dan York, Founder

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.