Want Some Hot Action Now?

Category: Articles • May 21, 2018

Want some hot action right now?

This is the saying of a lot of guys in the water damage restoration biz who want leads quickly, and I really understand it. Everybody wants now, now, now in today’s society. That’s life today.

However, if you want something more for fulfilling, something more real, and something more sustainable & long-lasting, of course you have to dig a little bit deeper.

Let’s liken my point to dating.  Sure, maybe you want some hot-action on the first date, but will that result in a long-term relationship where you get everything that you’re looking for?  Will it help you grow personally?  Will it give you all of the feelings and emotions and lifelong for fulfillment that you really need? No. It may give you some short-term fun, but it’s nothing to really build on. Its kid’s stuff. When you’re ready to grow up, you want more.

The same goes for your Internet marketing strategy and building your business for real. There’s a lot of guys that are hooked on buying leads. It’s like buying drugs. It’s a short-term fix with no long-term solution and actually in the end, can be quite damaging and everything can disappear, forever with no long-lasting results. No big business, ever, was built by simply buying leads.

Am I saying don’t buy leads? No. If I were running water damage restoration company I would also be buying leads. But I would be also developing several long-term strategies that I own, and that I can depend on that are not fly by night and will not disappear the second that I shut down my lead generation campaign.

It’s easy to get stuck on the quick fix. But the quick fix is never a long-term solution. This is a concept that you probably understand in many other parts of your life, but you really need to understand when you’re talking about business development in growing your company to real and sustainable sizes. The largest companies you see out there in this business, believe me they have that concept down. That is why they’re so big.


If you want to be the “kid” in the relationship who is looking for the quick fix, fine, but you’ll reap the consequences. I suggest you grow up and be the man and make a real relationship. Figuratively speaking of course! Your business will do what you really need it to.

Best of luck out there.


Dan York, CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.