Water Damage Lead Generation vs Us, what’s the difference?

Category: Articles • May 15, 2017

So, we all know that you get emails and phone calls from us and other water damage marketing companies that sell leads. I know this can be confusing, so let‘s clear it all up so it isn’t confusing.

What is the difference between us and a lead generating company? Quite a few.

Are you all the same? Not at all.

Are there different benefits to using us vs. a Lead Generator? Absolutely.

I’ll make this fast and simple to understand:

Lead Gen Companies: Use a Pay-Per-Click (Google Ads in other words) lead generation system to get the phone calls they sell to you.

Us: We use Google’s natural search results & map rankings – the modern day phone book.

Lead Gen Companies: Is a short-term-goal marketing method to get phone calls now.  It has no long term effects, once you turn it off it is off. It does not build long-term value for your business, it gets you the quick buck.

Us: We create long-term marketing programs which result in increased calls to your business as well as an increased overall value to your company as well as branding your name in your customer’s mind. This is very important if you ever want to sell your business to investors or anyone else. They’ll want to know what kind of REAL established marketing channels you’ve got. Lead Generation that can be turned off at any time, doesn’t achieve this. Investors won’t be impressed.

Lead Gen Companies: Charge you from $175-400 per call or even 10-30% of the gross of the job. Sometime they charge setup costs.

Us: We charge a monthly fee for our service, no per-call charges at all, whether good or bad calls and no set-up fees.

Lead Gen Companies: If you get a bad lead/phone call, you have to contact the company to request to not pay for that bad lead.

Us: If you get a bad phone call with our service, just hang up. It doesn’t matter. You’re not paying per call. Move on with your life.

There are other differences, but these are the primary ones for you to understand. Now, I am often asked which should I do? Or what other types of marketing should I do?

My answer is always the same:

“If it grows your business and builds value for your business, you should do it all. There is no one-trick-pony in the business world.”


Dan York, Founder and CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.