Stressed out in your company? Want to know why?

Category: Articles • May 8, 2017

The Water Damage business has all of the usual stresses as any business would -the seasonal ups and downs, competition,  dealing with insurance companies and plumbers, etc.

However, when we examine the real sources of stress, we find that stress comes from places, not just “anywhere” or “nowhere” as in saying, “It’s just been a stressful week.”

Stress comes from specific things. Here’s the top 3 sources of stress you’ll run into that limits your ability to succeed:


“I’m in it to win it”/“I’m all in.” These are my favorite phrases about being an entrepreneur. It tells you the difference between a successful guy and an unsuccessful guy. If you’re not committed to what you’re doing, mentally and time-wise, things will always be unstable for you and “stressful”. Imagine how unstable your marriage would be if you told your wife “I’m in, unless you…” or “I’m just testing the waters on this marriage.” That will never work and certainly won’t make a successful marriage. In your vows you say, “til’ death do us part and in sickness and health”. In your business it is no different. If you’re not committed to what you’re doing, slow season or not, you will make less money and have stress – you won’t expand. Think about it, do you have any back-off on committing to your business? Do you second guess your commitment to its success? If you do, you will always have problems. Commit. Be “in it to win it” and go “all in.” 



The wrong people.  The wrong people in your company cause stress. Who do you spend most of your time dealing with in your office? Who’s the one that makes you tired? I’ll bet it is one person. Look for the chronic gossiper, the passive-aggressive person, or the one that gives you the most problems to solve (instead of them solving them). An employee should take duties off of your plate and save you time, not add time and duties to your job. If they are doing that what are you paying them for? Those types of people make things harder for everyone, not just you. Try to hire very positive people and surround yourself with them and your life will be much less stressful. Don’t be fooled by “actors” though,  if something seems off with them, it is. Some people appear positive and they are not when the honeymoon is over. Trust your instinct here.



3. Lack of prediction and marketing. Too little too late is the phrase you need to remember here. You have slow seasons. That’s a fact you have to deal with. You have new competition every year. Fact. You have to be on the ball, think about when the slow seasons are coming, what you have to do to get above the competition. Want to know the wrong thing to do when slow season rolls around? Cut your marketing budget because it slow. That will collapse your company eventually, I see it every year. What you should be doing is forecasting the next three months, get your marketing going early so that when the slow season rolls around, you’ll be getting the smaller amounts of calls that are available in that season. Then when the heavy season come around, you’re at the top and really winning big.


Stress and worry are useless in winning. Use these points above and eradicate your sources of stress.



Dan York, Founder and CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.