How to win it like the big guys…

Category: Articles • April 25, 2017

You know, I really don’t even have to tell you what the “big guys” do, because you already know it. You see it all the time. I’ll explain later in the article.

You have to understand this first: This is a very unsuccessful train of thought for a business owner, “Where do I save money, where do I save the pennies, where do I skim some $?”

Ok, ok…I know we all learn to be frugal and everyone, everywhere, says this is a smart thing for us all to do right? WRONG. That is small-time thinking. No big, successful company owners do that. Now, I’m not saying be stupid with your money and of course there are circumstances that warrant penny pinching.  But, if a big company owner is thinking this, he’s already in trouble – if you’re thinking this, you’re probably in trouble.  The truth is that no matter the reason, lack of foresight and action in some capacity can lead you to that train of thought. 

So, how to win like the big guys?


Get into stuff and BE EVERYWHERE. They are.

They are busy as hell getting themselves into stuff – Getting in front of everybody they can, every way they can. They are always looking for the new way, and the old way, too, if it works. And luckily, they are not all expensive either. My company gets calls from people simply because their competitor in the neighborhood literally showed up everywhere, and somehow they find out it’s us.


Here’s why this really works:

When you’re busy “getting into stuff”, you notice that you are reaching out for new people.  OUT.

When you’re penny pinching and saving, you’re moving into your company, not out into the environment where more money is.  IN.

Your time is better spent reaching OUT, not IN. Let the Treasury manager handle the saving of the money.

Big company owners are reaching OUT into the environment all the time. And they make the money.

The small guys are IN the company, saving money, but not making it.



Dan York, Founder and CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.