How to Hire the Right Marketing Person to Expand Your Water Damage Company

Category: Articles • April 11, 2017


Would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising and then hire a rude receptionist who treats those customers who respond like crap?

Of course you wouldn’t. It’s a waste of money. 

So, why would you hire the wrong type of marketing person?  

9 out of 10 times a person comes to me asking about why their business is failing, I track it back to a lack of marketing or a marking person who isn’t doing the job. 

Remember this: A good marketing person expands your company. If your company is not expanding, they are not doing their job. 

So, how do you hire the right person for the marketing job, on the 1st try?

Here’s some tips on how: 


1. “Experience” & Degrees. This is over-valued these days.  Don’t think that because someone has 15 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing that they will do a good job. Only increased business tells the tell. Ask them, “How have you increased the size of the companies that you’ve worked for?” in many different ways. The good ones will know that or measure that…” Talk is cheap, SHOW ME.


2. Can-do personalities. Good marketing people always find a way. They don’t need much help or intervention. They “Can-Do.” Then there is the “Can’t-do” personalities, the “it can’t be done” person. They are easy to spot. They are usually pretty serious people and can be cynical and probably complain a lot. They are not successful in marketing. Ask them about their last job. If they go straight for negativity, and trash their last employer, move along. Blame is a sure-fire giveaway of a can’t do personality. 


3. Positive attitude. Marketing takes a lot of creativity and persistence, only positive people succeed at it. But how can you tell a REAL positive person from the FAKE one who is putting on a show in the job interview? First, don’t hire after one interview, hire after three interviews and do interviews with multiple people. Multiple interviews breaks down that “fake” 1st job interview attitude and you can see who they really are. 


Next, I go with my gut. Do they make me feel better? Do they instill confidence in what they say? If I second guess everything they say or they just seem fake, or “there is just something about them I can’t put my finger on…” trust your instinct, if you don’t, it will end up in wasted time and money. Positive people really, genuinely brighten up the room as they walk in, make everyone feel better, usually take the high road in a conversation, that’s is your marketing person right there. 


4. Jack-of-all-trades. Forget this. You’ll never find a jack of all trades marketing person who does branding, postcards, design, websites, Social Media, PPC, SEO, etc. It doesn’t exist. But that is not their job anyways. Their job is to successfully manage ALL of your marketing campaigns. They are there to get a return on your investment of your marketing dollars by successfully coordinating and managing all of your services and vendors that you use.

Remember- if you are not expanding, or are just scooting along at the same size, 9 out of 10 times, it is the lack of a good marketing person on board doing the job. There is no mystery there. Ask your biggest competitors, they know. Bad economy? More marketing. Slow Season? More marketing, Low Income this month? More Marketing. That is how a good marketing person thinks.


Dan York, Founder and CEO

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.