Too busy to market right now?

Category: Articles • February 9, 2017

“I’m too busy to market right now, I have too many calls coming in as it is.”


We’re one of the oldest water damage internet marketing companies out there, we have more experience than anyone. This gives us the insight into what Water Damage Company owners do that shoots themselves in the foot, over and over.


There’s a phrase that you should know and remember, “too little too late.” That’s when it’s too late to do something about what you should’ve already done something about! With regards to getting calls coming in, a lot of owners of water damage restoration companies can be very shortsighted. Not stupid, but shortsighted, big difference there. You see, they get very busy, and in some cases, overwhelmingly busy. As a result, they get scared to do anymore marketing or just plain too busy to do any more marketing as they don’t think that they can handle the volume or they think it will always be this way, when in fact it’s a seasonal thing, etc. Then the typical scenario that occurs is this: business slows down or a slow season such as February comes around where it’s too warm for freezing pipes and there’s not any precipitation coming around yet, so then the person scrambles for the calls that aren’t there and starts to turn on every marketing form that he can think of hoping that he can get calls that quickly, when in fact he is wasting money and misses the calls from that season altogether. That is too little too late.


So, when is the ideal time to start marketing? The obvious answer is ALL THE TIME. You should be marketing when it’s busy, when it’s slow – all the time, you should never turn it off. Turning it off as I’ve said before, over and over, is the kiss of death for the front end of your business. But, let’s say you don’t keep it on all year round – the ideal time to start marketing is about 2-3 months prior to when you want the calls…at least! Any real marketing program is going to probably take around 3 months to really settle in and be effective. And by the time that you’re done with your busy season that you’re too busy to get marketing going in, that marketing program will take root and offset that slow season when you need it to, not when it’s too late.


Another point I’ll bring up on this is finance. When things are good, the calls are coming in, and you’re “too busy to turn on another marketing program”. This again, is the ideal time to get a marketing program going because the finance is there to afford it, the money is coming in. What typically happens is when people start to look at marketing, finance is starting to falter, their calls are slowing down, their income gets hurt and then they can’t even afford the marketing that they need.


I think you see the overall lesson to be learned here, keep your head in the future, predict the future, don’t be blinded by right now, take advantage of busy season when they re there to turn your future seasons to busy ones too.



Dan York