Water Damage Leads – Short-term or Long-term ones?

Category: Articles • January 20, 2017

Should you buy short-term-pay-per lead water damage leads?  Or build your own long-term lead program?

Answer: Both

There’s the old “give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime saying”, this is the way leads are for the water damage business.

Lead Gen Companies like United Restorers, who generate water damage leads, have a great reputation for caring about their customers. They sell you leads at a certain dollar amount per phone call that comes in. This is valuable for the right-now business.  This is short-term thinking. You need this.

You also need to think long-term, that’s where we come in. We build your lead generation program, you own it and do not pay per phone call.  Will it get you calls tomorrow? No. But it will in weeks to months to forever without paying per call.

Doing one or the other is small-think, short-sighted and limited. If you are really serious about building a successful water damage company, you really need to confront that fact that you need to probably do both.  We’re two services out of many services you should probably be using in order do build a real marketing machine to get your company growing the way that it should.

What about retirement? selling the company?

What do you think the buyer would think if they asked you “where are you getting your business” and you told them only “we buy water damage leads phone calls from lead generation companies”. That isn’t that valuable to them, it is not proprietary, it can be turned off.  It is valuable to you, but looking at your future, they would see it as short-sighted.

You gotta play both games to really hit it big. I know, I’m working the ones who are hitting it big.