How long should I continue a marketing method to find out if works for phone calls?

Category: Articles • December 9, 2016

With so many forms of marketing, particularly on the internet, the question arises frequently, “How long should I do something to see whether or not it works?”

This is a multi- faceted question though and cannot be answered with just one answer.

You have to examine several major points:

  1. The expertise (or not) of the person doing it.
  2. How many points on the way there are right or wrong?
  3. Is it a fad or actually a workable play?


Let’s take up #1 first.  You have to separate out the form of marketing you are doing from the person doing it. For example, lots of people say today “SEO/Pay-Per-Click doesn’t work for my business.” But they neglect to gauge the credibility or the expertise of the person doing it. Did they have any proven results from prior companies in your industry? Did they know your industry and how to attract those particular kids of clients? You first must not rule out the lack of skill or credibility from the marketing you are doing first. If it is working for someone else, it can work for you too.


Now #2. Every marketing program is a relay race. You cannot expect to win the race (phone calls coming in) unless you win the first few legs of the marketing race. You have to reach your customers (be found where they are looking), say the right things and stand out to your customers and then make sure that you are easily contactable. So you cannot rule out a form of marketing unless you have perfected all of the earlier steps of that particular form of marketing that ends up in phone calls. I have a client that does north of $1mm per year form his internet reaches alone. Why can he and not others? He persisted and perfected the earlier phases of the relay race that wins with the phone calls on the last leg.


Finally, #3.  There are new forms of marketing that show up every year now thanks to internet marketing. You have to ask yourself whether it is a fad or a real method of how your clients are going to find you? For example, the social networking site Tumblr. What? Who? Have you heard of it? Will anyone go to Tumblr to learn about a water damage restoration company? Ask your customers. Have they heard of it? How did they find out about you? Would you ever use it for that purpose?


Marketing, although elusive and requiring patience, is more about logic than luck or throwing %&#$ to the wall and seeing what sticks. Getting phone calls to come in is not magic, it isn’t luck. It’s skill, logic, patience, persistence, all applied to how your customers will find you and reach you and ultimately call you.


Good luck out there!



Dan York

Founder, Stellar-eMarkeitng, Inc.