Want to get a highest-ever Income year in your Water Damage company?

Category: Articles • October 20, 2016

As I’ve said before, I get to personally speak with water damage companies all over, every week, and from all different corners of this continent. And for some companies, this last year was one of their best years ever. But for some, not so great.


Now I know a lot of guys would just attribute that to a “good year”, better weather for work, location, etc. And although these are the “obvious” factors, I don’t find any of those to be the real reason why some companies have had their highest ever year. I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve seen from the guys who have had an amazing year this year:


1. They didn’t do the same thing over and over and expect the same results.

They embraced and confronted change. This year I had a guy call me and sign up with my service saying, “I know what you guys do doesn’t work, but I wanted to give you a shot anyways. I think referrals are the only good calls, but my partner wanted me to try you, so…” How do you think that ended up? Like hell. For him and me. We were fighting him the whole time trying to make him “successful”. I know another guy who’s been in this business for 30 years. He’s winning like crazy. Why? He confronted and embraced that this whole business has changed and he changed with it. And another water damage company I know did amazingly well in 2008 when everyone else was dying from the stock market crash. Why? He stopped using phone books just before his competitors did and took all of his marketing online before everyone else did. These guys changed when they needed to and did not become the dinosaurs of the business.


2. They weren’t looking for things to blame like the weather, competition, etc. They were looking for more ways to get calls…constantly. 

If you blame things, right away, your attention gets diverted to something you cannot control instead of looking for new ways to grow your company as in #1. Blame is a losing game for the person doing the blame, always. The winners this year didn’t blame anything. They also wasted money, hired bad people, some had divorces with their wives, didn’t make any money on some jobs, but you know what they say? They say, “Lesson learned, on to the next.” And then I know guys who blame their ex-wives, old employees, Yelp, etc. and they can go on like this for years. The end result of that game is Broke. You’re broke!


3. They got and did bigger jobs. 

Now this sounds like the “unicorn” job (it doesn’t really exist) everyone wishes they could get and the increased call volume everyone dreams of.  You know – that one commercial call that pays $150-$400k! Well, guess what, guys DO get those jobs. I hear about them all the time. But how do you get those jobs? It’s actually simple: they confronted expanding their company, they found and did more and more marketing methods, which resulted in a higher call volume which landed them that “unicorn” call. See, it’s a numbers game to some degree. They get all of those small residential calls too, but in that they are getting a higher volume of calls, they haver a higher chance of getting those occasional big jobs too.


This sums it up: A client of mine called to thank me this year for two things: 1.) Helping him to stop relying on plumbers for referrals (he hated the whole highest bidder war) and 2.) for allowing him the opportunity to “cherry pick” the best jobs during the storm season. He’d never been in that position before.


Here’s to your New Year being the best so far!




Dan York

CEO and Founder, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.