More Google Updates! What Happens to Your Website – What Do We Do About It?

Category: Articles • October 4, 2016

Ok, so Google has announced another set of “changes”.  So what does this mean and how does it affect your company, your website, and your phone call volume coming from the internet? And more importantly, how do we as an internet marketing company fit into all of this?


1st, understand this: These changes not only will never stop, they will get more and more frequent. It’s just the way it is. So we all have to get used to it and adapt. Even if Google somehow becomes #2 and some other company becomes #1, it will still be this way.


Ok, next. What do these changes do? Well, this one could be up for debate, but MOST of them are to make your experience on the internet better, faster, more appropriate and more convenient.  And factually Google does pretty well with all of that. Go use Yahoo, Bing, or any other company for a day or so, they do quite well at providing good search results. Some of these updates are to stop web-spammers from clogging up your internet searches with garbage. But more recently, a lot of these Google updates are to simply boost their ads up so more people use them, too. After all, Google is also in business to make money and their ads are one of their main revenue sources.


So, how do these changes affect your website and call volume?


Well, simple. Your website goes up or down in Google, your Google map rankings go up or down. And if they are down, phone calls actually can stop, period. Hence the importance of staying on top of it. There is no such things as “set it and forget it” in this business of internet marketing. It is a game of survival. And the smartest most diligent win this one. Laziness loses every time.


So what do we do about it?


Well, this is our speciality. A lot of our clients don’t actually know that when Google updates happen, that is our job, believe it or not. So two things happen with Google that we have to handle for ALL of our clients:

  1. Google surprises everyone with an update.
  2. Google give notice of an update (rare).


The handling for both is really the same, although the execution of it differs in timing.

  1. If Google surprises everyone:  We have to do a ton of observation and testing over several weeks and figure out what changed and how we handle it. It’s simple in concept really. Google says certain things, but that doesn’t mean they are what we do. If Google told everyone how to game their own system, no one would be in business here would they? Once we know what to do, we have to roll it out to our entire client base. This is very time and effort consuming.
  2. If Google gives you notice: Well, here, we actually pay very careful attention to what Google says. We take this one with a bit less of a grain of salt. They are giving notice because they are trying to change something major and it needs to happen, and what they say in these types of announcements is pretty on point. The handling for us is the same as above more or less, other than we really take into account their directions.


In short, predicting, handling, and maintaining your internet marketing program is our job, every Google update is our job. It isn’t easy, there are ups and downs, some times damage control, but that is why you hire us in the first place….right? So you don’t have to keep up with it and do it!





Dan York

Founder, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.