Are all these new Google changes hurting your call volume?

Category: Articles • July 18, 2016

Are all these new Google changes hurting your call volume?

Over the last few months we’ve seen some serious Google changes. Alarming ones as a matter of fact. What have they been?

  1. They got rid of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads on the right side of the screen.
  2. They now show 4 PPC  Ads on the top of the screen.
  3. They moved all of the Natural Company listings and map listing below the screen, where they cannot be seen right away.
  4. Then they changed the Ads to look like the Natural Listing that people actually used.
  5. And finally they changed everything to the color green, as the Ads used to be yellow in parts to separate them out from the natural listings.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.25.47 PM

Why are they doing all of this and is it hurting you?

To understand why they are doing this, you only need to think one thought – sell advertising. Everything makes sense if you align all of their moves to that thought. Let me explain:

Google is a publicly traded company and they make their billions from selling ads. One of the major sources of their ad sales are from Pay-Per-Click  (PPC) Ads, those little ads that someone pays for every time someone clicks on the ad.  Every single move they made, numbered above, was to sell more ads.


Google saw that people were clicking their PPC ads less and less every year. They also knew that the Natural unpaid listings at the top of the page,  would be clicked more often. So their strategy was to force everyone to click their ads by moving all natural, unpaid-for listings below the screen where you now have to scroll down to see it. To make it even worse, they colored everything green and got rid of the yellow that we were used to seeing their ads colored in and made the ads “look” like natural listings in order to trick people into clicking them. Like I said, everything they just did makes sense when you align it towards selling ads.

Now, I’m not against making money in business, on the contrary. But when you have to force people to use something that they do not want to use and start screwing the very people who use your service, that is going to come back around and bite you at some point, but I digress…(but if I had a nickel for every time a Water Damage client of ours said “Google is bleeding me dry from their Pay Per Click…”)


So now you understand what they did and why, but is it hurting you?


The answer apparently, as we’ve seen it is…no.  We’ve seen the contrary.  We’ve been getting more and more reports of businesses doing fine and call volume being not only good, but good quality.

Ask yourself this, are you going to click on their ads now that they’re trying to force you to?  I know I haven’t. And most of the people I’ve talked said the same thing, no.

So all in all this was bad news that resulted in…good news.

Google, being blinded by advertising revenues and not focusing on good innovative service (which is more profitable in the long run),  has missed the boat in all of these moves they’ve done in order to trick and force people into clicking more ads.  What boat did they miss? Trust. Trust is why people prefer the Natural listing to Ads, they always have and they always will, no matter how forced advertising becomes.




Dan York, Founder

Stellar-eMarketing, Inc. and