Can You Raise the Quality of Your Water Damage Phone Calls Coming In?

Category: Articles • May 31, 2016

Can You Raise the Quality of Your Phone Calls Coming In?

Good question.

Yes and no.

Our clients and prospective clients ask us this frequently. They’ll be doing many different forms of marketing including networking plumbers, various forms of internet marketing, and many other things. But the calls they get for their water damage jobs are sometimes not the best. But can anything be done about it?


Well, you can do some things. You can market in better areas and not market in “less than ideal” areas. There is an old marketing saying, “You get what you market for and you don’t get what you don’t market for.” And it’s true enough. Market in Detroit, you’ll get calls in Detroit. Simple.


I think it is more important though to focus on expanding your calls coming in, not limiting them AT ALL. If you focus on getting as many calls as possible from as many sources as possible, the volume will give you the choice of turning down jobs. You really need to be careful with limiting your markets. I don’t recommend it. What most people do when they try and limit their market is they end up destroying their marketing in general, resulting in no calls coming in.  I’ve seen it many, many times.


Your best bet is to just market like hell using every resource you can afford, everywhere. Then use your dispatchers to filter the good calls from the bad calls or cherry pick the bigger jobs. In this way you won’t cut your own throat by limiting calls you might have wanted.

Imagine you’re looking for your next husband or wife. Do you want to choose between three or four men or women? Or would you rather filter through hundreds of people to find that perfect partner? That’s what tends to happen to people when they try and limit where their calls come from.  Of course there are exceptions to this (a lot of my clients will not work Detroit as it has become so dangerous for their techs) but overall this is what I see happen to companies limiting their marketing reach. More, not less, reach out for water damage leads, is your answer.




Dan York

Founder Stellar-eMarketing