Is Pay-Per-Click getting you calls? Or Just Draining Your Wallet?

Category: Articles • May 3, 2016

Does this sound familiar? “Google is bleeding me dry!”

This is what I hear form a majority of my clients that do Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

First, let’s get this out of the way: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) works…if done right.

Now that  being said, it may not be working FOR YOU.  So we have to look at why that is.

PPC is Google’s billion-dollar beast, their cash-cow. And for those of you who aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about, look at the image below. PPC ads are those ads just above your search results when somebody Googles for you. Every time someone clicks one of those ads, the company who placed the ad (you), pays each time a person clicks on it. These clicks can be as little as $5 per click and I’ve heard as high as $80.00 per click and more. Now, this doesn’t mean “phone call” mind you, just the click. Now, when the person clicks on the ad, Google takes them to your website. They still may not call you. So you’re just paying for each one of these “clicks.” Calls are not guaranteed.

Water Damage Restoration PPC

Ok, so, let’s not forget what I started the article with, “PPC works.”  Then why do I hear so many complaints about how “Google is bleeding me dry!”  PPC is like anything else that becomes a real speciality. No part-timer or hobbyist is really going to be that successful at it. It takes a real professional now to do it successfully. There are nuances to it…tiny ones. There’s changes with Google that only a real professional would know about, changes that could cost you lots of money.  There’s only two ways to do PPC successfully.

  1.  Become a total professional at it.
  2.  Hire a professional.

The amount of money I’ve seen people lose in the “learning curve” is astronomical.   I once knew a guy who spent over $50k to get 2 phone calls, neither of which landed him a job. Crazy.  A lot of companies want to do it on their own, without committing to be total pro’s at it with the false idea that it will save money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Google designs these ads to make them billions. And in some ways, it is designed to make those billions out of your ignorance.  Ask anyone who has been in internet marketing for a long time.  They pulled a stunt about 2 years ago that meant lower quality people looking at your ads so you get more “clicks”, but far, far less phone calls for you (I can get into great and nerdy details about this).  And no hobbyist PPC guy knew any difference, except that their PPC bills got bigger and bigger while their call volume stayed the same or reduced.

Hiring a pro, even though you’ll pay him to do it, is the way to go unless you’re going to decide to become a pro yourself.  And my company does not sell PPC so don’t worry about this being a sales pitch.  A real pro will save you a ton of money in learning curves alone, not to mention start-up time, knowing when to air the ads at the right times and in the right locations and for what keywords, etc. There’s a lot know here.

Ok, so what if you have a PPC guy and it still isn’t working? Get a new one.   PPC and SEO for Water Damage work. And if you’re not getting calls from these things online, get a new guy.  I’ve worked with hundreds of water damage companies all over the world. I know how much money these guys make and how much business is driven into them online from successful SEO and PPC strategies.  If it isn’t working for you, it does not mean “it doesn’t work” it just means you haven’t gotten it to work for you…yet.


As  you already know, building a successful business is for the persistent, not those who give up early.



Dan York

Founder, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.