What is more expensive in the long run – Amateur work or Professional work?

Category: Articles • March 8, 2016

Our prices in my company aren’t cheap, we know (not the highest by any stretch either).  We’re the best at what we do, that commands a certain price.  We’re professionals in a constantly changing, difficult business (any of you who have done it know what I’m talking about).  But talking about price, without establishing why the price, is actually an amateur focus. Why? Because this:

The most expensive dollar you’ll ever spend is the dollar you’re not making.

Which begs the question, “Who’s more expensive? The Professional or or the Amateur?”

Let’s dig in….

Tesla. Amazing piece of American engineering. It’s expensive right? $80k and up.  TOO expensive. Way too much money for a car, simple transportation.  But…did you ever drive one?  Once you drive it, do you know what you wonder? Why Mercedes and BMW’s cost as much as the Tesla. It’s a self-driving car of the future, now. It’s way more advanced than anything else out there. It’s as fast as some super-cars are too. Once you drive it and experience it, it sort of becomes…a deal.

Ever get audited by the IRS or sued? Who do you want to hire? The amateur discount lawyer or accountant or the expensive one?  I learned a long time ago that a cheap accountant or attorney means, I get the short end of the stick on whatever they are working on on my behalf.

Anyone in business for a long time only wants to work with professionals. They’ve been down the amateur road, it ends up in expensive heartaches. They know that to some degree and it is presumed that the higher price means better quality and in most cases it does.  I won’t go into this much further as everyone sort of knows this already or at least will after a few good jarring experiences hit their pocket books because of it.


But let’s look at the most expensive aspect of amateurs that no one really looks at: The dollar never gotten.


Why is this so hard to see? Because it wasn’t there to begin with. It’s hard to see something that is not there.  What’s a perfect marriage? It’s hard to say until you’ve been married for a long time or divorced a couple of times, then you REALLY know.  You had to see it first to then know it.

Where you choose to use a cheap company as it “saves” you money, how much does it cost you in lost revenues? Hard to see that, right? Then, maybe you get upset that you’re not getting more business, so you go to another cheap company. And then another. And another. Heartbreak after heartbreak. Finally you say, “it just doesn’t work.”  This is so common in our industry it’s not funny. Ask any real professional in it.  They’ll tell you. Then, after all that, when the professional picks you up, there is so much work to do to clean it up, it takes some time, sometimes a long, frustrating time.  What about comparing the auto-repair bill and the length of repairs of the car of a woman who takes it in consistently for scheduled maintenance, to the bill amount and the length of time a car is in the shop from a woman who waits until all of her dashboard lights are on.  Point made?




Dan York