How do you know (for sure) if you have a bad employee in your Water Damage Business?

Category: Articles • April 6, 2015

It happens to the best of us…the bad hire.

In some businesses they can get away with leaving the bad seed around, but not the Water Damage Business. This is an Emergency Service, it is hot and heavy and is a now, now, now business. There is no time for that one bad employee.  You as the owner are pouring your heart and soul (and money) into generating new business and taking care of your customers to create a future for yourself in a really fast and competitive business.  There is not time for this here.

There are really only two types of people you hire: The guy who can make things happen and the guy who can’t. There is not really any in-between if you haven’t noticed already.  Either they can or they cannot. No amount of smooth-talking gets a guy who can’t, to can!  As the most experienced business owners know, talk is cheap, action  speaks for itself!  The numbers and stats tell you everything you need to know.


So here is the trick: How do you know when you’ve got a bad hire? It’s not always easy to see.  How do you see them so you can replace or remove them?  Fortunately there is a lot of ways to tell, which I’ll bullet point some below:

  • Running your company ceases to be fun and is now “stressful”.  Look at exactly who you hired when the company stopped being fun and became stressful.
  • Your company income drops “magically” and no matter what you do marketing wise, sales-wise, etc. nothing works, not even your good ole’ trusty money makers. Look for you who hired when this started occurring.
  • Your company turns into a gossip group. Find who you hired when this started. Not everyone is a gossip. Usually just one or two of your staff. They poison a whole company into non-productivity.
  • Look for the person who swears up and down “they are your friend” and are really “helping you”, but you’ve never really been quite sure of them. Are they really helping you? Or are they stabbing you in the back talking trash about you to your staff?  Trust your instincts with those kinds of people.  They are hard to read sometimes.  Look at their stats, are they really doing anything? Those people you should be suspect of.
  • Your staff’s morale suddenly drops and people start quitting.  Look for who you hired when this started happening.  It is usually the chief gossiper.
  • The guy who has to have you buy him a ton of stuff to get anything done rarely will get anything done, even if he gets the “ton of stuff” he needs in order to his job. The best staff can make things happen with whatever they’ve got.
  • Chronic excuse makers.  They have an excuse for everything, but rarely have any solutions for any of it.
  • Keep a close eye on whoever it is that gives you all of your bad news, bets are that you’ll find it is only one person that gives you all of your bad news.  You don’t need people like that around you.
  • Chronic negative people. They slowly but surely make everyone negative.  No matter who tries to cheer them up, they never do. They end up slowly killing a company.


This can be tricky, but again – trust yourself, trust your instincts. You’re the business owner, you sort of know already right? Don’t second guess yourself.


It is really much more simple than people think to see who who was a good hire and who wasn’t. This one question usually does it:

Did things get better or worse in the company after you hired them?  This extends to well outside of their job. Remember every employee influences the entire company to some degree.  I look at the entire company influence from any new hire.  They either contribute to it or poison it.


There are too many good people out there for hire to waste your precious time and money on people who will slowly kill your business and maybe you!




Dan York