In It To Win It?

Category: Articles • March 31, 2015

Are you in it to win it?

I know, it’s trite and overused, however very true.

So you have a Water Damage company and you want it to make some serious money right?  Then you better learn this lesson fast.

Too many Water Damage Company owners that I know spend all of their time on logistics. Now this is fine, but it is done out of order. Before you spend any time on Logistics, you have to get your attitude straight. Logistics ONLY work where your attitude is right first.  Don’t believe me? Do you know how many guys I know where they say, “I’m doing the same things as this other guy but it is not having the same effects, what am I doing wrong?” Ten for ten I find that they are not totally committed to something. They aren’t in it to win it.


Did you go into your last marketing program saying this, “ok, let’s try it out and see if it works…”. Did you start your water damage company saying, “this could make some money…” Imagine if people started their marriages that way, “Let’s give it a shot and see if it works!” No one would ever stay married this way! Your business will never succeed like that.  You have to commit.


If you’re going to have a Water Damage company, do it. Don’t dabble in it.  Dabblers get small paychecks. If you’re going to to market your company, don’t just “test out a market you want to move into”, dominate it. Get in it to win it.  People who dominate make all of the money. Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, these guys all DOMINATE, they are in it to win it.  They didn’t dabble in their businesses.  They owned their markets.


So, when you’re doing something in your business, fully commit, be in it to win it. No doubts. Dive in, all in.  Now, this all being said, you tell me if any of these sound committed:

– You hire a new employee going, “I’ll see if you work out…”

– you buy more equipment for your team thinking, “I hope this gets used…”

– You start an advertising program thinking, “I hope this works…”

Does that sound like commitment? No!


Unfortunately, that is what is needed to become great, successful and financially well-off.


I know the most successful water damage companies out there and you’ll have to trust me that they are very committed. they don’t do this as a hobby, it is not a good idea for them for retirement and they weren’t bored. They came in this business to make a lot of money and be a market dominating entrepreneur delivering a good service.


If you really want to compete, don’t compete – dominate them. Commit to being the best, the biggest, the most well-known.  Try it for a week, see how your week goes. Go all-in on all of your decisions regarding your company.  Watch your income go up and your stress level go down.




Dan York