Is this stuff for real?

Category: Articles • March 23, 2015

Is this stuff for real? Does this Water Damage Marketing really work?

You know, I’m literally asked this every week by potential clients.

Some guys are so irritated by the amount of emails they get from marketing companies saying they have a “magic formula that no one else has” that they are instantly mad at me when I get on the phone with them.

Some guys are so fed up with trying different companies trying to “keep the faith in internet marketing” and after none of them work, they are mad at me when I contact them.

WE get it.  I’d get irritated too getting 10 emails a day from India or “water damage specialists” that claim to be able to make a million dollars. That’s why I always tell my clients, talk to the other guys first, better yet, use them. Then come to us. It’s part of the reason our client retention rate is so  high. We know who else is out there.  And you probably do too.


Here’s a fact though:  You can be frustrated because all of the above, but you can’t give up. 


If you do, you’ll go broke eventually. This is the future guys. You’re in it and it is getting more so every month that goes by, every younger generation. Confront it, let’s get with it.

The only choice you really have is who you use.  So find someone you like. Some guys like local guys, great. Find a good trustworthy local guy.  Some guys want a specialist. Good find one.  And guess what? you may not get a good one right from the get-go.  I went through 4 Accountants before I found one that worked for me.


In our company, we don’t usually deal with guys who have never done online marketing before.  Will we? Sure. But they haven’t seen what is out there yet.  This stuff takes persistence, patience, intelligence and teamwork not to mention a lot of technical skill. If you think your “friends company” who is making millions from internet marketing started doing that over night, you’re fooling yourself.


Don’t drop out of the game. That will ensure that you lose. Keep playing the game. Learn some new moves.  It’s the only way to win.




Dan York