What’s the #1 Difference between a TOP Water Damage Company owner and an ok one?

Category: Articles • December 29, 2014

What is the #1 Difference between an “ok” Water Damage Company owner and the top ones?

I know what a lot of guys think about the more successful companies- they think they have some sort of upper hand or inside track or some sort of secret-sauce marketing or sales tactics. Well, it isn’t.

Frequently, especially in the slow seasons, I get guys calling me up and asking me for advice on other things they should do. My first question is always, “what are you currently doing and what have you done?” I pretty much hear the same things like, “I tried this and this didn’t work, and then I tried this for a few weeks and this didn’t work either.” Here is the funny thing about every single thing that they mention – it is the same things that the more successful guys are doing! So what is the difference?

Persistence. That is the difference.

The most successful guys never go at anything with the “I’ll give it shot” attitude, they say, “This is going to work!” They really commit to it. It’s attitude. It’s solid decisions. They are in it. They are going to persist at something.

Every part of business is like a successful marriage. It takes work, creativity, constant change and really committing to its success. Ask anyone who has been successful married for a long time. No one would knowingly say, “I’ll give it a shot” or “I’ll see if it works” prior to getting married. Yet this is how most “ok” business owners run their company and their marketing programs.

You want to be one of the successful ones? You have to commit. Stick with it. There will be bumps in anything – trial and error, losses, etc., but on the other side of all of that is success, real success that only those who can persist through everything through thick and thin ever get to see.

So, this year, whatever you are going to do in business, commit to it. Keep with it and stay in for the long haul.  Imagine your opinion of the girl who can’t commit and jumps from man to man frequently.  You got it.  This is exactly where successful business owners see the unsuccessful ones fall down all the time.  Same with successful investors.  The most successful ones invest for the long haul, they don’t do small time quick in and out trading.  Look at the biggest in the planet- Warren Buffet.  You don’t see him doing little short trades, he buys a company and sticks with it for 30 years.


Dan York

Founder and CEO, Stellar-eMarketing, Inc.