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The REAL Specialists in Water Damage Restoration Marketing

  • Every Program is Custom
  • We KNOW what gets you CALLS
  • Disaster Restoration specialists for over 15 years
  • 1 call can pay for an entire year of service
  • We actually pick up our phones
  •  Mold, Asbestos, Fire, Biohazard, Crime Scene…

Sick of Paying for Calls?

We Get You Where Your Customers Are Looking For You.

The Business IS out there looking for you. Are you in front of where they are looking though?

If you want more business during storm season and more calls in the slow seasons, call us. We get you where people look for you today – the internet.  When people have water damage problems…they’re not going to spend a lot of time looking for you when their house is getting damaged. You need to be found quickly and easily and you need to get them 5 seconds. We know how to get you in front of them, and we know what to say to make you stand out amongst your competitors. You shouldn’t only be relying on buying calls.

Easy Return Of Investment.

Sometimes it only takes one job to pay for a whole year of our service.

Considering the average residential job can be $2500 – $3000.00, it’s easy to see the ROI.

Other companies say they “specialize” in restoration…

We’re for real, and we’re the best in the biz.  

Most of the other companies out there say they specialize, when they really don’t.  Ask them.  More than likely they were internet guys who say they could make a few bucks in this business, but they don’t know the ins and outs of your business to be able to generate a real return on investment. We’re the #1 leader -No one knows it better than us.

water damage marketing

A-Z, hands-off, We Do It All For You

We know you’re busy and have a business to run. That’s why we created this program to allow you to do what you do, and we do what we do. All you do is pay for the monthly service. We almost never lose a client and that’s why.  We are the new Yellow Pages for you. They died years ago.

They are YOUR Jobs

We won’t take a percentage of your job. We’re service providers. We don’t get involved in bidding, billing, etc. We do our job, the rest is up to you. They are your leads, your jobs.

Do your research. Call other companies. Then call us last, and you’ll see we’re one of a handful of companies that actually know this industry.

Restoration marketing

5 Water Damage Marketing Tips

How do I get more phone calls for my restoration company?


Here’s some tips on the top 5 things you need to do in order to get calls today.

1. Get your Website WELL Optimized

This is the new phone book, as we keep on saying. If you’re not doing it, and well, you’re definitely missing the calls.

2. Pay-Per Click (PPC) – Google Ads

Google wants you to click these ads. Look at what they’ve done over the last decade to try and force more and more people to do so.  Now, by survey, only 1 out of ten people will click on them, but those people have jobs too, and if you budget correctly, you should be making more than you spend here.

3. Online Reviews.

If you’re not getting reviews every month for your company, you are literally killing your phone call volume. EVERYONE looks at these. No reviews is just as bad as bad reviews. Will this get you calls? No, but it will give people the ammo they need in order to make a decision once they’ve found you through other sources.

4. Referrals (customers, plumbers, etc.)

This is your boots-on-the-ground people knocking on the doors of plumbing houses, property mgmt. companies, etc., in order two get the business. We know entire companies who live off of this.

5. Water Damage Leads 

Phone call generation companies are expensive, usually around $300-600 per call, but if the jobs are big enough, this is a small cost to get the job. It is short term thinking and will not necessarily build you a business, but it does get the job and that job can be used to build referrals and network too.

water damage marketing